Jeep or Camel Safaris for three fully days

3 days Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari 1st day:
Start from Dahab to Colored Canyon Wadi Ghazala Mushroom Rock lunch with our Bedouin family in Oasis Ain Khudra Closed Canyon Overnight in Oasis Ain Khudra under millions of stars & palm trees

2nd day:
Starting from Ain Khudra White Canyon Jebal El Maktoub Nawamis lunch in Wadi El Roum overnight under the stars in Wadi Arada.

3rd day:
Double Canyon sand dune El Safra Bir El Safra (natural well) lunch in Jebal El Makharoom huge sand dune El Hadudah back to Dahab

3 days Camel Safari

Camel Safari 1st day:
Taking the Minibus from Dahab to Wadi Ghazala from there we will get ourselves on the Camels Ride to White Canyon lunch with the Bedouins at Oasis Ain Khudra Closed Canyon Spending our night under the stars in the area of the Closed Canyon

2nd day:
Riding to Wadi El Roum lunch in Wadi El Roum discovering the huge area around overnight in Wadi Am Matamir under millions of stars

3rd day:
Nawamis lunch break in Nawamis area back to the road to meet our Minibus, which will take us to Dahab again